I recently took a break from my position in order to figure out what exactly I like. It’s a challenge, not necessarily following the money trail, but finding a job where I will be happy, where I feel like I can work without feeling like ‘work.’

Lightening stroke once with me when I worked at The Salvation Army where I was planning to only work for 1 year, ended up being 5 years. I loved my job, I had freedom to sit or stand, be in front of people or secluded in the back if I wasn’t feeling the best. It’s great for a girl with back problems, because I had options, not a have to.

However, I feel like I would like a chance to freelance. I find it exciting bidding for a job, crossing your fingers hoping to win. Once winning the excitement of starting the job.

I’ve only had my first job at Elance, so I don’t quite know much about it. I know there is a lot of competition, especially if you are broad. However, once you can find a niche and its something that you are amazing at, you can go far. Really far! It’s like anything else, you have to find that one thing that you are perfect at and learn all you can and do your best.

Right now, I’m data entry, web research, and any little jobs that doesn’t require much skill.

If you happen to need a small job, you can find me on elance. My name on there is Ashley_A, sorry for the commercial.

However, if your not happy with what you are in, try some freelance, even if you have a small hobby that you really enjoy, it could grow into something AMAZING!



Having Faith

I love the Lord of the Rings films, they are so incredibly inspiring! Especially when the orcs are actually people dressed up, not computer generated, just saying.

The main reason why I love the The Lord of the Rings is that I feel like even with the world becoming darker, the small little hope of light still shines through. 

I also love how in unexpected ways help miraculously pulls through and comes just in time. I feel like this happens in real life, but for many of us we are not open up to it. We don’t put ourselves out there, where we can be brave, when we can test the power of help.

Such as in the bible…the 2 farmers who prayed for rain. One of them prayed, then went out and prepared for the rain to come. Expecting it, having blatant faith that a good thing happens to those who ask.

The other farmer, prayed however did nothing in return to expect it. He did not prepare his field. Who do you expect got the rain???

For the second time in my life, my young life, I am planning on leaving a job without a second job. Thankfully, I don’t have many bills, but still it is scary leaving a position to face a certain unknown.

However, I prayed for rain, now I need to see how much rain will come. I feel much stronger, healthy, and better than I did coming into the job. I am thankful for the experience the job gave me, but ready to see what else is out there.

Isn’t life an adventure or a book or a Lord of the Rings movie? 


How to Defeat Your Goliath

I love Kim’s writing, she is so inspirational!

Kim the Career Coach

Have you ever felt like you don’t have what it takes within your soul to do what you feel God is calling you to do? Have you ever told yourself “I don’t have the resources, the money, the education, the wisdom, or the emotional support I need to do “XYZ” or to get through this season of my life?” I know how frustrating and overwhelming these insecure thoughts can be because I too have felt them, recently in fact. In my quiet time today, God gently reminded me of the bible story of “David and Goliath.” I have read this story hundreds of times, but the special message he gave me today through it refueled my spirit beyond measure. I am hoping it will encourage you too. Please read to the end. I know you will be encouraged!

In case you don’t know the story of David and Goliath, you…

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Tackling Monsters

It has been awhile since I posted, February, and I was scared to look at wordpress. I thought it might have been taken down or perhaps I had a bunch of spam that was really distasteful. None of which happened, I had a lot of views and even gained a follower (yayness!). Which makes me feel pretty proud!


I have been tackling monsters, some would say battling and I am tempted to but I will refrain and say tackling.

I’ve been tackling many monsters, and having many thoughts. I tackled the stomach bug, broken car, a nice 3 day vacay, and just work.

I’m still dealing with the broken car, I feel like junking it. I really feel that I have something that causes cars to break down like an aurora that makes vehicles commit suicide  the brakes went out and it is now sitting in my backyard on four concrete blocks with all the wheels off. It’s a Mercedes so it looks like thug paradise in my backyard. That’s what I imagine, the movies with the cars getting chopped or like the ghetto part of a big city.

Even though this stuff has happened, my spirit is really happy. I’m just accepting my job right now, and watching my money really closely. I’m paying off debt, and kicking myself for getting the way to start with. It happens to the best of us, and I watch Suze Orman and hear about people much worse off than me, I’m thankful that I am where I am.

Praying for those who are not in good shape! It’s the “I cried because I didn’t have shoes, until I saw someone who didn’t have feet.”

If you wouldn’t mind, my friend is having a hard time with her own situation. Her baby stopped breathing, and they had to put it in a medically induced coma due to seizures that could affect the brain.

Her page is as follows….


Thank you to everyone who liked, and who is offering their prayers and help for the parents. 


Little things that count in Marketing

As I look into jobs that are needed for Marketing, I realize that most of the time I do not necessarily have the skills needed for these Marketing jobs. I do not have 5 years experience, and I do not know Adobe Creative Suite inside and out.

However, I do realize that Marketing at it’s core is about being recognized. 

It’s not who has the loudest ad, or has the most money.

So, while many Marketers spend a great deal of money sometimes the simplest things mean the most.

1. Handwritten cards

     It doesn’t take long to write a card, saying that you are thankful for their time, even if it didn’t generate a sale it is well worth it in the future.

2. Just ask

     If you don’t ask the answer is always ‘no.’ Most of the time, the first question will be ‘no’ it sometimes takes seven times before a question is considered.

3. Reminding

     In this day in time it is easy to forget little meetings, etc especially if it is something that you need done. 

4. Be ‘in their face’

      Not in a mean way, but in a way that they cannot help but remember you. Consistent and interesting Facebook posts, ask questions, engage, and do not be boring. Boring is the worst thing you can be to anyone.

5. Talk to the mirror

     When you are on the phone, place a mirror in your office. Believe it or not, your expression is heard on the phone. If you are disinterested, it will show in your voice. So, have a mirror nearby so you are smiling while you are on the phone. 

6. Let people talk

    I remember in Communications class, we did a study where we talked about ourselves, and everyone was smiling while they were talking about themselves while the other person listened intently. We love a captive audience, so be that and you will gain a friend, and hopefully some referrals.

Let me know if this has worked for you in the past, and any interesting ideas that you have. I would love to hear them.

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